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People Who Don't Need an Axe to the Face.
SON GOKU A STRAY CHILD. I SHALL CLAIM IT AS MY OWN. Claire stumbled across Goku and Rika on her first night here, and was immediately drawn to join them as children shouldn't wander around alone at night. Not without a brand new jungle mom. While he means well, Goku seems...a little bit dumb. He thought that Claire and Rika were witches because of the 'magic lights' they used (aka flashlights). Plus he appears to be borderline illiterate. If he were her son she would have taught him how to write good and proper. She is definitely keeping an eye out for him, seeing as how his Mowgli impressions are landing him with a new sedative every hour :|
FURUDE RIKA (dropped) A sweet young girl ripe for adoption that Claire ran into on her first night. Rika appears reserved for a child and was shockingly calm in the face of whatever danger the night held. She had been carrying a large knife around which she has temporarily lent to Claire, as she does not want to have to use it herself. Don't worry. Momma will stab shit good and dead for you. Though Claire is a little weirded out by the anime hair, she's already half decided to keep checking in on Rika. Children that age shouldn't have to be stuck alone in a place like this. YOU'LL NEVER BE ALONE AGAIN IF YOU STAY WITH ME. :) :) :) LET ME BRUSH YOUR HAIR.
BELLA SWAN A nice, unassuming young girl who had the dubious honour of telling Claire that she was in America and not on Craphole Island. She withstood Claire's many tears with grace and dignity, and something of a kinship was born. Bella seems like a sweet girl, honest and good-natured. And fortunately for Claire, terrible at telling when she's talking to a walking pile of crazy. Claire is still a little leery of her as they are technically strangers, but she's already looking forward to talking to her again. CAN I HAS A FRIEND? CAN I HAS A FRIEND WHO ACTUALLY LIKES ME? I MISS HAVING THOSE. ;___;
HEIWAJIMA SHIZUO (dropped) A wild Shizuo was encountered in the library and discovered to be heavily sedated while trying to read Green Eggs and Ham. This endeared him to Claire greatly. She held his hand and tried to ascertain what his deal was and why the nurses had shot him up with ninety sedatives. Names were exchanged, but she knows it is very unlikely that he'll remember her at all in that state. She's keeping an eye out for him because clearly the poor babycakes needs someone to look after him. :c
GRELL SUTCLIFFE Telling her she was pretty was one checkmark on the good column. Being British was two, and encouraging her to kill Damon was check three. They are now BEST FRIENDS. Grell seems to be an elegant sort of person, though it is a bit confusing to Claire how he refers to himself as a lady (she's just gonna roll with it), and it's even stranger that he says he's from 1888 (.................also rolling with it). In spite of all this, Grell is a true sister, and Claire personally cannot wait until they can giggle like schoolgirls over bloody evisceration again.
ROXAS A sweet young man she met during the first official day of the military's take over. Mild mannered and maybe just a bit clueless, Roxas endeared himself to Claire by failing to keep his beret on his ridiculous hair and by being under the age of sixteen. Still too young to be out here without a mother, but Claire will help him there... Claire gave him her own beret when he failed at life and let his fall into a bucket of soapy mop water, and the two talked about their friends and the missing people as they cleaned up the cafeteria. She is secretly following him on the bulletin forever now but it's for his own good.

Maybe An Axe to the Face? IDK.
KAZUTAKA MURAKI (dropped) A true gentleman, surely. He sat with her in the Sun Room of his own volition and somehow did not question her crazy about the island and being biffles with a smoke monster in a human suit. Though in return he confessed to fighting...grim reapers. Somehow. Claire doesn't quite get it. He's a doctor in a very different vein from the one she knows. Meaning he's calm and collected and intelligent and doesn't make odd faces that may have spawned nightmarish internet memes. Again, Claire is not so sure about the freaky silver anime hair, but it would appear that he may be in possession of a few redeeming qualities. She has not decided yet. He's taken an interest in her though, and she does return that. To an extent. May potentially get bumped up to the friendlies list as time goes on.
EDWARD CULLEN Claire didn't have much time to form an opinion on Mr. Cullen, as their breakfast was brief and he was a little busy with all his third degree burns at the time. He seemed like a nice enough young man, and Claire is a little worried about him due to the whole covered in bandages thing. Further assessment will have to come with later encounters.
"WEIRD GUY" (L) Creepy man from lunch. He immediately lost brownie points by virtue of reminding her of Benjamin Linus alone, because they both stare at you with buggy eyes like their pupils are trying to stroke your soul. Claire didn't get much of a read off of this man in the brief time they were together, save for the fact that saying he was 'odd' was an understatement and he looked like his skin had never tasted the kiss of the sun. She's not entirely sure what the hell to make of him yet.
SNOW VILLIERS Uh. To be frank Claire thinks it's a little breezy in Snow's penthouse. Plus his name is Snow. He is named after a weather phenomenon. THAT WILL NEVER GET YOU FAR IN LIFE. Though to be fair, he seems nice enough for someone who was trying to look through a board game closet for weapon supplies.
ANDREW CARTER A hapless and happy sort of man that took Claire on a magical adventure to Doyleton, wherein they were besieged by their own shadows and bad stuff happened. He seemed entirely too innocent and idealistic to be a soldier, but apparently he was in the army or something? Claire doesn't quite get what his deal is. She was genuinely starting to like him, but unfortunately misunderstood him when he said that his portal ring could take them out of the institute. While she was thinking this was a permanent sort of escape, Carter had meant something more like...for the rest of the night only. Thus when they woke back up in their beds Claire rained down a hail of fury on his head on the bulletin for lying to her. She has the potential to forgive him so he's not quite on the chopping block yet, but that all depends on how hard he works at not pissing off the mentally ill.
KLAVIER GAVIN This guy could very easily get bumped up to the friendlies list in no time at all. He's just...charming. They first contacted one another over the bulletin when Rika went missing because Claire's a stalker momma and followed every mention of her ever on the board. Klavier wanted to speak with her in person, and when they finally did meet he proposed that they investigate what happens to the disappearing patients. Claire deemed this a noble cause and thought that Klavier was an okay guy. He let her play in the snow and smiled at her and made her feel pretty. THAT DON'T HAPPEN VERY OFTEN. So yeah he's probably only going up from here.
VENOM Probably the first person Claire has met here that could wrest her Most Socially Awkward prom crown from her spindly hands. Venom is excessively polite, few of words, practical, intense, and has the most batshit hair of all recorded history. He interests Claire with his peculiarities, but his aloof demeanor makes it hard to get a solid opinion on him. He wasn't mean, but he wasn't nice either. He looks like the useful type, though, and there's a good chance he was just shy or caught off guard (considering they met over spilled radioactive porridge), so she might track him down in the future. Just for the sake of figuring out what this mess is about.

It Sounds Like You Want an Axe to the Face.
Maybe An Axe to the Face? IDK.
STEFAN SALVATORE Damon's brother, also a vampire, frequently confused. So the thread with this sucker (GET IT GET IT) is still going on so I will have to hold back on recording any impressions for the moment. Though with the way things are going, I would say he's about an inch away from a hate bullet between the eyes.

ELLE BISHOP (dropped) Tragically, this woman is Claire's roommate. I say tragically because the two are at least six thousand miles away from painting each other's nails and engaging in sexy pillow fights. (Unless the pillows are covered in razor blades.) Elle is convinced that Claire is incurably crazy, but being a little loopy herself she just cannot help poking the bear. This aggravates Claire greatly. Elle is kiiiiind of a bitch and needs to step off with the sass, okay, or else Claire might have to get her jungle crazy on and shank herself some human Pikachu.
DAMON "NOT-BOONE" SALVATORE So...apparently the universe decided that Craphole Island wasn't enough of a mindfuck for Claire, so they brought back her old friend Boone Carlyle and dropped him into the institute. Except he's inexplicably uncrushed by a plane. And alive. And apparently his name isn't Boone anymore, it's Damon Who Even Knows and he has no idea who she is and has never been to the island, much less participated in a plane crash with several strangely attractive passengers with dramatic pasts. And then he went and tried to eat her so now he's A GODDAMN VAMPIRE on top of everything else, and therefore has to die. No one sucks her blood without buying her dinner first. Especially after she was so kind as to SAVE YOUR PASTY ASS FROM CERTAIN PERIL!! Dick.


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