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Name/Handle: Kabby
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
Personal LJ: thebigkaboosh
AIM/other: thebigkaboosh (also on plurk)
Is English your primary language?: Yes.


Series: Lost
Series' Medium: Television series

Character: Claire Littleton
Age: 25
Sex/Gender: Female
Canon Role: Began as a main/recurring character, one of the protagonists but seldom involved with major plotlines (I would say supporting but it's an ensemble show and enough happens to her that she is indisputably a main character). By season six her role has become ambiguous. She leans heavily towards being an antagonist, but teeters between good and evil. Her confusion about whose side she is on is a huge part of her character arc for the last season.
"Real" Name: Charlotte Greene.

How long have you roleplayed your character, if at all?: NEVER NOWHERE. AUGH.

Where have you roleplayed in general and/or with this specific character?: NOTHING. NADA. ZIP.

Are you personally familiar with your character's canon?: I have seen the entire series and own all available DVDs, and have watched them so embarrassingly often that I can quote scenes nearly verbatim from any season. There is a lot of extraneous canon with tie-in novels and virtual games which I have not ventured into, but I have followed the relevant information from them via lostpedia and related fansites.

Please give us a personal history of your character's life and explain to us in detail how they grow and develop over the course of their canon:

Claire grew up in Sydney, Australia, raised by her single mother Carole Littleton. They did not always see eye to eye, particularly during her teenage years. One of their arguments ended with tragedy when the two quarreled in the car and collided with another vehicle.

She met with her Aunt Lindsay at the hospital soon after, where her Aunt made it clear that she blamed Claire for the accident. A doctor informed them that Carole was in a deep coma, but the costs of her future care had been taken care of. Puzzled, they asked who the benefactor was, but the doctor claimed that they wished to remain anonymous.

Sometime later, Claire was paying a visit to her mother in the hospital when she found an American stranger sitting with her. After her demands to know who he was, he admitted that he was Claire's father (whom her mother had told her died when she was two) and had been the benefactor taking care of their hospital bills.

The two later met for coffee, where her father told her about having a family back in America. (His other son was Jack Shephard, a doctor who she would later meet on the island.) He tried to convince Claire to take her mother off life support. Claire refused to give up on her mother and stormed off without even learning his name.

Years later, Claire started dating Thomas. Claire became pregnant by accident and though Thomas was initially excited by the idea, he left several months later when it became too much of a responsibility. Heartbroken, Claire decided to give the baby up for adoption. She was convinced she could not raise it alone.

The psychic Richard Malkin, however, was. He once attempted to read Claire's fortune but had an unfavourable vision of her future, and shooed her from his house without revealing it. After Thomas left Claire came to him again, and this time he warned her that great danger surrounded her child. According to him, it was imperative that her good nature be an influence in the baby's life. Anyone else raising it would only invite disaster. Disturbed, Claire fled from his house. He continued to plague her with ominous phone calls, claiming to 'have a plan' that would save the baby. At first Claire thought him mad, but sitting down with the adoptive family to sign the papers made her realize that she didn't want to give it away. She left the meeting and called Malkin to ask about his plan.

It was then that she received her ticket for the fateful flight Oceanic 815. Malkin explained that although before he insisted she raise the child herself, he had found a suitable family in Los Angeles that would do just as well. Although baffled, Claire went with her gut. The next day she boarded the plane.

Somewhere past Fiji, the flight hit turbulence, tearing apart mid-air and crashing on a deserted island. Claire and some forty other passengers survived without serious injury.

Her condition marked her as something of an outcast on the island at first, the pregnancy making them nervous (she was well into her third trimester when the crash happened). She began to resent the coddling and was dismayed at how no one was willing to look her in the eye. Charlie Pace was different. Though flawed, over eager, and obviously sweet on Claire, the ex-heroin junkie wedged his way into her life and made every effort to keep her happy. Such as when the camp split into two groups, one living at a set of caves, and one staying at the beach. Claire wanted to stay on the beach, but Charlie felt that she would be safer at the caves (for one, the island's only doctor was there). He made a deal with her that if he found her a jar of peanut butter - her strongest craving and guiltiest pleasure - that she would move to the caves. When he failed, he grabbed an empty jar and played pretend, scooping his finger in and licking it off as if it were chock full of peanut butter. Charmed by his efforts, Claire relented and moved to the caves.

Not too long after Claire began having vivid night terrors about an unseen man attacking her, injecting her belly with needles. Claire was convinced that the attack was a real one, but only Charlie believed her. Jack Shephard, a doctor (the unknown half-brother mentioned above), offered her a mild sedative found in the luggage. Claire was so offended she packed her belongings on the spot and left. Charlie pursued to plead with her, but was shocked when Claire started having contractions. He panicked and rushed to fetch Jack, but met Ethan Rom on the way and sent him to get the doctor instead. He rushed back to Claire's side and talked her down. The contractions stopped. Claire then explained about Malkin and why she was on the plane. Charlie suggested that Malkin had known the plane would crash, guaranteeing that Claire would raise it herself. Before she had time to fully process the revelation, Ethan returned alone. Charlie asked where Jack was, to which Ethan only smiled.

At the same time, the other passengers had found the flight manifest and discovered that Ethan hadn't been on the plane. He was on the island before the crash.

He attacked the two of them, knocking them out. From there on, it is assumed he recruited some help from his people - to be dubbed 'The Others' - in kidnapping the pair. Ethan hanged Charlie, who was left behind as a grim warning to the pursuing search party (…he got better). Claire was drugged and escorted to the Staff station, an abandoned medical facility. There she was kept sedated and heavily drugged, leading her to believe that Ethan was a friend. They injected her with vaccines ‘to keep the baby healthy’. He convinced Claire to give the baby to him once it was born, saying she would be returned to her camp thereafter. One night, a teenage girl broke into the station. She woke Claire and told her that Ethan was going to take the baby and kill her. Claire protested that Ethan was her friend, and the girl knocked her out and took her outside.

From there, she woke up in the jungle. She was still under the drug's influence and wanted to return to Ethan when she heard him calling. Rousseau, a woman living in the jungle, found her and realized what had happened to her. When she tried to lead her to safety Claire resisted and scratched her on the arm. She knocked Claire out and carried her back to the survivors, leaving her a short distance from the caves and disappearing.

When Claire awoke again, she had amnesia. She could not recall the crash or anything following it. Charlie attempted to befriend her again, but she was slightly put off by his insistence. Scarcely a day after Ethan cornered Charlie in the jungle and threatened to kill someone for every day that passed without Claire returning to him. He warned the rest of the camp, but decided not to tell Claire. She found out on her own and called him on it, hating that people were hiding things from her when she was already in the dark with her memories gone. Against Charlie's protests, she agreed to Jack's plan to use her as bait to capture Ethan. She led him into a trap where five of the castaways cornered him with guns. Jack dropped his as he beat Ethan to the ground, and was getting ready to question him when five shots rang out. Charlie had followed them and shot Ethan with Jack's gun, reasoning that he was an animal and wouldn't have told them anything. Although disturbed by the events, Claire saw that Charlie's intentions were good. She later approached him, saying that she remembered something about peanut butter and that she wanted to trust him. The two soon rekindled their friendship.

On November 1st 2004, Claire's son was born. Kate, another passenger, delivered the baby in place of Jack. Claire had no idea what to name him.

Rousseau wandered into their camp some time later and warned them that the Others were coming, pointing out a smoke signal far from their camp. She claimed it was the same smoke she had seen when they came to take her daughter Alex. While the rest scrambled to put together a plan, Rousseau approached Claire and if she could hold the baby. Claire spotted the scratches and remembered giving them to her, but couldn't recall why. She grew afraid, and Rousseau abruptly knocked her out and took the baby. Claire awoke and pleaded with Charlie and Sayid to bring 'Aaron' back. The two followed Rousseau and eventually reclaimed baby Aaron at the site of the smoke signal. Rousseau sobbed, explaining that she wanted to trade him for her daughter but the Others never came. The pair took him back to a thankful Claire.

While talking with Charlie one day, she spotted a Virgin Mary figure in his bag and asked about it. He gave her a vague answer that led her to assume he was Christian. Another survivor smashed it open to reveal several bags of heroin within. Enraged, she confronts Charlie and throws his former heroin habit in his face. She told him to stay away from her and the baby, that she didn't want an addict around Aaron. In his stead she grew closer to John Locke, who she saw as something of a father.

The two are further pushed apart when Charlie (who was actually not using at the time) began having visions of Aaron in danger. He thought that the only way to save him was to have the baby baptized. He tried several times to warn Claire, but he was almost manic in his attempts and she dismissed him. Once while sleepwalking, he woke up with Aaron in his arms. Frantic, Claire searched the camp until another passenger found Charlie and called to her. Equal parts frightened and appalled, she slapped him across the face and took Aaron back. As a last resort, he started a fire on one side of the beach one night and used the distraction to kidnap Aaron and baptize him himself. He was caught and beaten by Locke before he could do so. Claire became too mortified to have anything to do with him. Thought hesitant to believe Charlie, she asked Mr. Eko, a priest, to baptize both herself and Aaron as a result of his warnings.

Aaron developed a rash. Claire became afraid, knowing there was little medicine available, no medical equipment, and only one doctor. While Jack assured her that the baby would be fine, Rousseau later emerged from the jungle again and told her that Aaron had ‘the Sickness’. For a brief moment, Claire saw a short flash of her time with Ethan, triggered by the woman's presence. Her friend Kate chased Rousseau off, but Claire took her words to heart. She enlisted the help of the former therapist Libby to hypnotize herself into remembering what happened during her kidnapping. The session led to Claire remembering how Ethan had been giving her vaccines. Certain that she needed it to cure Aaron, she set off with Kate to find Rousseau and search for the Staff station together. Rousseau agreed to join them, if only to find clues as to the whereabouts of her daughter. Along the way her memories returned, each set off by what she was seeing and the eventual discovery of the station. The Others had evacuated it and taken the medicine with them. Though dismayed, Claire confided in Rousseau that a teenage girl had helped her escape, implying that it may have been Alex. Rousseau was moved and apologized to Claire, but urged her to do the right thing if her child truly was infected. Shortly after returning to camp Aaron made a full recovery. Claire brought him back a boot she had knitted during her time at the Staff, tearfully telling the baby that she loved him and that though she initially wanted to give him away, she knew now that they were supposed to be together.

Charlie found a vaccine kit and gave it to Claire, saying that if anyone on the island needed it, it would be her and the baby. The gesture reminded her of how good a person he could be and her anger began to wane. When he nearly died in an explosion she abandoned their feud entirely. She fussed over him after the incident and initiated their first kiss.

Another member of their camp, Desmond, became curiously involved with both Charlie and Claire's lives, which sent Charlie into a strange, despondent state. First Desmond set up a makeshift lightning rod outside their tent several hours before a storm hit, successfully saving them from getting hit. Then he miraculously came to Claire's rescue when she was pulled out to sea by the tide on a morning swim, despite being too far to hear any screaming at the time she was swimming. Next, Desmond foiled Claire's plan to catch a tagged seagull (the flock was one used in a science study, and she intended to attach a plea for help on one of the bird's tags in hopes that someone would receive it) by scaring them off with gunshots, only to track one down on a seaside rock and capture it. Claire followed him out to the rocks and demanded an explanation. To her shock, Desmond explained that he had been having several visions of Charlie's death. He would have been electrocuted in the storm and drowned swimming out to save her. Had Claire's plan with the birds proceeded Charlie would have tried to catch one and fallen into the sea, the waves smashing him into the rocks until his neck snapped. As preposterous as it sounded Claire knew Desmond wasn't lying. She approached Charlie, who glumly admitted to knowing about the visions. Claire took his hand and told him she wouldn’t give up on him, promising that they would get through it.

But Charlie could not run from fate forever.

There was an underwater station that the Others were using to jam all transmissions to and from the island. Having recently gotten a hold of a satellite phone from a freshly landed parachutist named Naomi (whose boat was close by at sea), the camp needed to disable this signal to call for help. Charlie and Desmond volunteered for the job. Naomi stayed with the group, who abandoned the camp for a radio tower inland. On the trip there, Naomi exclaimed that the phone was working, telling Claire that her boyfriend had just gotten them all rescued.

After making the call the group made their way back to the beach, meeting up halfway with a few stragglers who had remained and brought in Desmond. Hurley, a close friend of Charlie's, approached Claire and told her that he had drowned. The news left her devastated, sobbing and clinging to Hurley as Desmond looked on in guilt. Desmond said that before he died, Charlie had made contact with someone on the radio and learned that Naomi and the people on her boat were not who they said they were. The camp split into two - those who believed that rescue was on the way, and those who believed the newcomers were dangerous. Claire decided not to let Charlie's death be in vain. She went into hiding with the wary half of the camp.

The group remained safe for some time until a mercenary squad from the boat came. They bombed Claire's shelter. She survived with nothing more than a concussion but seemed to be hallucinating, mistaking the man who fished her from the wreckage for Charlie and remaining in a strange state of mind for the rest of the day. The group was largely decimated, and the few remaining survivors escaped into the night. While they slept in the jungle, Claire awoke to find Aaron missing. She looked around, flabbergasted when she saw her father across the campfire, holding the baby.

When the rest of the group awoke, she had disappeared. Aaron was found abandoned in a nearby bush. Locke visited a strange cabin in the woods to see Jacob, the Other’s mysterious deity. Inside he encountered Claire and her father, who claimed to be someone who could speak for Jacob. She appeared calm but oddly sedated, and did not inquire about Aaron. The change unsettled Locke, and her father asked that he not mention to anyone that she was there.

Everyone from the crash disappeared shortly after. Some escaped to the outside world, the others mysteriously vanished. Kate took Aaron with her off the island and raised him as her own.

In the meantime, Claire was stranded, alone, and descending into madness. She lived a life similar to Rousseau's, building a hut to live in and learning to fend for herself. With her was her father, who she soon realized was not her father at all but a deity much like Jacob who could transform into the dead. (He is known only by the moniker the 'Man in Black' aka MIB, and shall be referred to as such from now on.) He told her that the Others had taken Aaron, and she entered into a violent feud with them. She set traps in the jungle and killed them whenever she could find them. At one point the Others captured her and brought her to an on island temple to test her for 'The Sickness'. The test was described as a measure of the balance between good and evil within a person, involving various sorts of what could only be called torture. Claire failed this test, having been too far influenced by MIB and her own insanity. She escaped from the Others and continued to fight them, picking them off one by one. Her only solace was in MIB and a mock baby made from an animal skull and pelts. She put it in Aaron’s old crib and treated it like a real child in lieu of her son. MIB also revealed to her that Jack was her brother.

Three years later she found not only two Others in one of her traps, but one of the survivors of the plane crash - Jin-Soo Kwon. The remaining survivors had returned. She took Jin to her hut and tended to his injuries after shooting the two men dead. One of them survived, but was found by Claire before he could escape the jungle. She took him back to her hut and attempted to interrogate him as to Aaron's whereabouts, threatening him with an axe. A horrified Jin told her that Kate took Aaron off the island. Claire was stunned by the news and on the verge of tears at the thought, but swung the axe into the man's gut anyway. Jin fearfully retracted his statement, saying he was lying to save the man's life and that Aaron was at the temple. Claire was visibly relieved, confiding in Jin that if what he said about Kate was true she would have to kill her.

Later, Kate and Claire were reunited. While Claire was initially pleased to see her old friend again, she was much less pleased to hear that Jin's story was correct. She did not care that Kate was there to bring her back to her son. All that mattered was that she had stolen him.

At first Claire was civil, but Kate grew uneasy when she began throwing intense looks her way and held her hand. As soon as she caught Kate off guard, she threw her to the ground and attempted to stab her in the neck. MIB separated the two and slapped Claire when she entered hysterics, reminding her that she had disappeared and Kate had done what needed to be done. Claire later approached Kate to apologize, sobbing into her shoulder and clinging to her desperately.

This was not the end of their rivalry, however, as Claire secretly approached MIB later to ask if Kate needed to stay alive in the long run. MIB said no, implicating that once he was done with Kate she could kill her and reclaim Aaron as her own.

The remaining survivors eventually joined MIB’s group. Claire approached Jack, both of them now aware of their connection. Jack felt guilty for leaving her behind, but she was only glad to have more family when she had so little before.

None of the other survivors trusted MIB and planned to escape via a submarine that had recently arrived at the island. They stole away while MIB was elsewhere, but Claire spotted them leaving. Bitter and hurt that they were planning to leave her behind again, she hunted them down and held them at gunpoint. Kate pleaded with her, begging her to come with them and see her son again. Unable to resist, Claire relented and gave up her gun, but warned that MIB would be mad when he found out.

Of course, their attempt was largely foiled. They were captured by the people from the submarine and MIB had to save them. The survivors had no choice but to pretend they were going to let MIB on the sub with them. Claire took him aside and apologized for abandoning him. He forgave her, saying he understood that it was only for Aaron's sake that she left. They reached the sub and were engaged in a gun fight by the submarine group. Claire and MIB were too busy shooting to notice the rest hopping into the sub. Kate protested, telling them they couldn't leave without Claire. But when they attempted to flag her down, MIB noticed too, and they had to shut the hatch lest he get inside. Claire screamed and cried as the submarine left without her. She had been abandoned once again.


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