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Birthdate:Jul 4
NAME: Claire Littleton
"REAL" NAME: Charlotte Greene
ROOMMATE:Celty Sturluson
AGE: 25
EYE COLOUR: Light blue-green.
HEIGHT: 5'2"/157.5 cm

PRIMARY LANGUAGE: English (Australian accent)

PHYSICAL STATUS: Day 54: Bandaged cut and vampire bite on left forearm (healed by Day 56)

:: damned | player | this is strictly fiction.

Interests (35):

aaron, aaron aaron aaron, aussie accents, avoiding basic hygiene, axing bitches, being a mom, being biffles with kate, being suspicious of chahlee, being suspicious of desmond, boars, building ghetto ass huts, chahlee, crashing cars, dead dads, family drama, fishing, hunting, island life, islands, jungles, knitting, long lost brothers, moi baybeh, moms in comas, peanut butter, plane crashes, setting traps, shanking the others, smoke monsters, sobbing prettily, squirrel baby, stabbing kate, staring awkwardly at graves, the dharma initiative, where's aaron you bastards
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